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Thursday, February 17, 2011


About three weeks ago, I booked a hotel room for the State Basketball Tournament in Spokane.  When I did this, I did so because I am convinced that the W-P girls and boys teams will be playing in this year's tournament.  However, something wonderful has happened that has caused me to be torn between my two favorite teams.  The Dayton Bulldogs, a team that sat towards the bottom of the league for much of the season, will be playing the W-P Cardinals for the chance to go onto regionals.  One step closer to State for both teams--W-P & Dayton.       
       All of the Waitsburg boys of the W-P Cardinals are my boys.  I spend most of the morning with them five days a week, 180 school days.  Their head coach is one of my kids from 1999.   Therefore, I am their fan, supporter, and rooter. 
       However, the 2010-2011 Dayton Bulldogs and I share something very special.  They know what it is like to live a life without Andrew.  After the starters are announced, they break the huddle with "Groomer!"    They wear new uniforms purchased with money from Andrew's memorial fund.  On the side of their basketball shoes one can see ADG 40. They have embraced his spirit and during this week, I have felt his spirit with them when they take the floor.  My heart is with these boys.
       So after the game Friday, I will share the joy of victory for one team and I will share the agony of defeat for the other.  I hope the W-P fans will understand why I will sit and cheer with the Dayton fans.  I am confident that the Waitsburg part of the W-P boys know that I love and support them; however, in this instance I will be rooting loudest for the Bulldogs who have an angel named Andrew looking out for them.

~Andrew's Mom

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