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Sunday, February 6, 2011


 This week will be very difficult for our family.  On Wednesday, February 9th, Andrew would've turned 17.  For me, I'm re-living my life seventeen years ago, because the days of the week are exactly the same.  Seventeen years ago this week my life changed forever.  Let's go back to 1994.  It was a winter much like this winter.  Cold and gray, but not much snow.  I had had a difficult pregnancy--morning sickness for nine months is not fun--so I was really happy that the end was near.  My final doctor's appointment was on Monday, February 7th.  Bill hadn't gone to any of the appointments with me, so I talked him into going with me.   My blood pressure was at a dangerous level, so Dr. Betz told me I'd be going into the hospital first thing in the morning and we'd be deliverying a baby.  So Bill and I went home to prepare for Andrew's arrival.  It's really a bit weird knowing you're going into the hospital the next morning, because there isn't any of the waiting for labor to begin.  Bill, Billy, and I watched Bill Cosby's Himself that evening.  We all got a big laugh out of the story of Cosby describing the doctor as a baseball catcher, sitting there, waiting for the baby to drop into his glove.  As we went to bed that night, we thought that at this time tomorrow we'd have another member of the family.  Long story short--Andrew didn't come on February 8th.  He came at 3:59 PM on Wednesday, February 9th.  Billy snuck into the room and he was the first family member to hold him.  Our family was now complete.

Over the years we've had different birthday parties for Andrew.  For his first birthday we had a huge family party at Mother and Dad's.  Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, brothers and sister. It was a big fun day. 

On Andrew's second birthday, the Touchet River and the Patit Creek starting to recede from the Big Flood of 1996.  Notice the very high Patit Creek behind Andrew.

One of his birthdays was held at the cabin.  Four school birthday parties were held at the Liberty Theater, beginning in the third grade--the year Andrew began attending Dayton Elementary.  Super Bowl XL was another birthday party.  Last year we celebrated his birthday at Fiesta en Jalisco. 

Birthday party at Judy's Daycare
McDonald's Birthday Party

Already I miss giving Andrew a birthday party.  Today would've been the day for the big family birthday party.  Instead, Bill and I shared Super Bowl Sunday with friends and Andrew shared this day with Jim Helm, cheering on the Packers from Heaven.              

So many things I know I'll miss.  Next year will be hard when the football and basketball teams celebrate Senior Night.  Graduation will be hard.  I can't believe I will never get to go to his wedding.  I will never hold a child of my child's.  Hard to believe the things I dreamed about seventeen years ago this night will never come to be.  

So Happy Birthday Bubby.  Dad and I love you and miss you so much.  Thank you for the gift you were to us, our most precious treasure of all.

~Andrew's Mom

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