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Sunday, November 7, 2010


       I've been thinking about Andrew a lot today.  It has been five months since he left us and I still miss him as much today as I did that day.  His friends and classmates have had a great week and I'm sorry he isn't here to share these successes with them.  The Bulldog football team played with so much heart Tuesday night as they defeated T-O-R and Tri-Cities Prep to take the number four spot in the league.  The Bulldog volleyball team won the district title, earning themselves a ticket to the state tournament.  His best friend Seth received a fourth place medal at the State Cross Country meet.  I know Andrew was watching over them all, but I so wish he could have been here to witness it.  However, I am hearing this little voice in my head saying, "But Mom, I'm busy with my new job...the job I have here in Heaven."
       There was nothing Andrew liked better than helping people.  He wasn't thrilled when I volunteered him for different jobs, but he always did them with a glad heart.  One year, he rode the Columbia County Transportation Bus to and from school.  Dear Donna Laughery was his driver and I knew he was always taken care of when he was with her.  Andrew never told me, but I learned that on some days, when he didn't have anything to do after school, he would ride around with Donna.  On more than one occasion he would help some of the Senior Saints of our community by carrying in their groceries, as he and Donna dropped them off at their homes. 
       Some of his best memories of times with his grandparents involved helping of some sort.  He enjoyed going with Grandpa David to deliver Senior Center meals.  That also included a lunch with Grandma and Grandpa after the deliveries had been completed.  And then there were those days when he spent time with Grandma and Grandpa Bud.  He enjoyed doing whatever they were doing.  Some of the flowers that graced his memorial service were peonies that he had helped Grandpa plant.
        Because of this part of his nature, I know God put him on the greeting committee in Heaven.  His speciality is greeting people from our Valley.  Since he left us, he's greeted some neighbors such as Eldon, Ray, and Jeannie.  Just this week, he was there as Meri and Steve arrived.  These two people he knew from our time at the theater, the year he was in third grade.  Andrew was so much help that year and he really loved working at the theater.
       I wish he wouldn't have been so busy these past five months, but that is a part of the circle of life.  However, it is his other committee work that I like to think of even more.  It brings a smile to my face everytime I think of him escorting the babies of people we love to earth.  I got to spend some cuddle time with his first escortee--Lily--not very long ago.  To hold her--knowing that Andrew was the angel who brought her to this earth--brought such joy to my heart.  And now he's just waiting for the call to tell him that Katy is ready to join Jamie, Curtis, and the kids. 
       So what do you think your job in Heaven will be?  I want to teach, but in Heaven I'll never have to grade another essay or write another test.  I'll just get to teach the things I love.  I know God is allowing Andrew to use his gifts as he does his job, whatever that might be.  But as his TSE instructor said, "I hope God let's him drive."  Me too--whatever job he has I hope he is driving around in Heaven.

~Andrew's Mom

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  1. I have followed you blog since seeing a posting on Jamie's FB page. Andrew has escorted Katy Leanne Marie Allen down to Earth now, safe and sound.

    I can't begin to imagine what you have been through these last few months, but I see your strength in your words. You are an inspiration for those in similar situations. God Bless.