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Saturday, October 30, 2010


       On Thurday, November 4, Dayton's Young Life leaders are showing a movie at the Liberty Theater.  Its title is To Save a Life.  I googled the title and found the following...When his friend's life ends in tragedy, Jake Taylor decides to make sure that it never happens again. Crossing social barriers, he befriends Johnny Garcia, a loner with life issues. Will Jake have what it takes to stop him from the same tragic fate?
        I don't know exactly why Andrew took his life, but even though I have some theories, I am not worried about Andrew's life as it is today.  He gave his life to Jesus when he was very young and he made it official September 2007.  So as of today, he is living not with his earthly parents, but with his Heavenly Father.  However, if his death can lead to a dialogue between kids and adults (hopefully their parents and other important adults in their lives) then that is a positive outcome of our tragedy. 
       I hope there will be a movement among our young people and the adults in their lives after Thursday.  Kids--What can you do to make some one's life better?  Can you be kinder and gentler with your words?  Can you make positive decisions that will take the pressure off of others to make the same choice?  Adults--Will you take the time to really listen to the young person who is speaking to you?  Will you give of yourself?  Will you give them your time?  Will you support a positive choice, even though that choice may not be the one you think is right for them, but they think it is?  Those are all things I wish I could re-do or do for Andrew.  Please, don't have the regrets I have in my life.
        Andrew took his life, but some of the things kids do also take their lives, but in a slower way.  I worry about the amount of alcohol kids consume.  I worry about their attitudes about illegal drugs.  I worry about their unhealthy relationships.  I worry how they think none of this will affect their futures.  I have lived for fifty years, with the past twenty-seven years involved with kids, ages twelve to eighteen.  It is sad to see how the choices made by the young people in 1984 have led, for a few, to a life of despair in 2010.  Unfortunately, I fear that in 2030 I will have the same sadness about some kids and their choices of 2010.
       We lost Andrew's earthly life on June 7, 2010.  However, Andrew's eternal life was saved the day he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  Can this movie save at least one of our children's earthly and heavenly life?  Pray that it will.

~Andrew's Mom

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