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Saturday, May 7, 2011


This weekend has been difficult for me.  It started Friday afternoon when Hendrix gave me a "Grandmother--Mother's Day" card.  I read the words aloud to her and by the middle of the poem I was in tears.  I knew I was dreading this weekend, my first Mother's Day in seventeen years without my son, but I didn't know how tender I had become.  I had lots of fun things scheduled to do this weekend, but I immediately knew some of them would have to happen without me.  The tears are back and they come with little warning--this is not a good thing when you are in public.
     So I spent Friday evening working on my message for the WHS Class of 2011's Baccalaureate service.  But what do I say to them? 
     It has been a year of extreme highs (lots of success on the athletic fields and in the classroom) and extreme lows (controversies, deaths, general teenage stress).  I want the message to be one of faith and hope. 
      So please pray that the words they need to hear are the words I write.  Pray for strength for me as I share my heart and for them as they hear the words.  Pray for open ears and open hearts.  Please pray for me and for the WHS Class of 2011.

~Andrew's Mom

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