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Friday, January 14, 2011


       Blame is a very powerful word.  Blame has been thrown around a lot lately, especially in light of the shootings in Tuscon. Blame is one of those words that can be used as a verb or as a noun.  As a verb, it means to hold responsible; find fault with; censure.  As a noun, it is an act of attributing fault; censure; reproof.  Blame...blame...blame...
      From some this week, I have heard that the tone of the political rhetoric in our country is to blame for what happened last Saturday.  For others it is the extreme ends of both the left and the right in our country.  But think about it.  Who is really to blame for the shootings in Tuscon last Saturday?  It was the young man who thought about this, who planned it, and who pulled the trigger.  He is the one to blame for that heinous act that took six lives.
     On Facebook tonight I saw this posting:
To everyone who is calling for stricter gun laws in light of the tragedy in Tucson, may I offer this little tidbit: If guns kill people, then pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk, and spoons make people fat. Remember: HOLD THE PERSON ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS, not the means they chose to utilize!!!
I agree with this.  We must not blame all the negative things in our society for the action of one disturbed young man.  However, there are some things in all of our lives for which we need to take responsibility.
       When you speak to your neighbors, do you focus on the negative things in our world or do you try to talk about what is positive in our world?  When dealing with your children, are you allowing them to be the best they can be or are you trying to make them into someone they are not?  Are you supportive of them or hypercritical of them?  Or do you ignore your children, selecting your activities and plans over spending time with them?  Do you do things for others just because it is the right thing to do or because you hope to get something out of it?  Do you appreciate the fact we live in a country where we can worship God in a manner of our choosing or are you critical of others because they don't do it the way you think they should?  Do you cherish the fact that we can be critical of our political leaders without worrying about the government imprisoning you?  Are you proud of who you are, where you live, or what you do with your life?
       Blame has been a phantom shadowing me since June 7th.  My son did something for which I know I must put the responsibility on him, but it doesn't make me stop blaming myself too.  Another sweet soul took his life during this past week.  His family and friends were also told not to blame themselves for his action.  However, it isn't that easy.  The parents of the young man who shot and killed people in Tuscon will be taking some of his blame on their shoulders too.  The neighbor who took Christina Taylor Green to the "Congress on your Corner" is blaming herself.  The mother of a sixteen year old who took his life is blaming herself.  It's what we do. 
       Remember what The Bible said about trying to blame others for the wrongs done to us or that are in our world.  Think about Christ, as He hung on the cross, just about to leave this earthly world.

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. Luke 23:34.

We must allow people to be responsible for their actions.  We must not blame the media, pundants, or society in general for unexplained actions of people who are in fragile mental states of mind.  However, we must encourage and love those who feel it necessary to shoulder some of the blame for the actions of loved ones.  In the end, we really just need to love each other for we are all a part of the family of God.

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~Andrew's Mom

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